Curating memorable
experiences every
step of the way.

We never know where a guest’s journey has started, where it will end, and who they will meet along the way. The most we can do is delight our guests with a journey that’s seamless, entertaining and packed with potential for memorable experiences as they travel through our terminal to get to their final destination, all the while aiming to be the best airport in Europe.

#AirportMoments celebrates these memorable experiences. The airport is a place where smiles, hugs, jumps for joy, and even the occasional tear forge unforgettable memories.

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The Terminal Reconfiguration Project, completed in 2018, has allowed us to directly improve the experience of everyone who passes through the airport.

Recent improvements, like having better passenger flow into the baggage reclaim area, are aimed at getting passengers from their aircraft into the arms of their loved ones in no time at all.

Goodbyes make for the most moving of airport moments. Our recent airport improvements allow for longer hugs and lingering kisses, letting you really savour the last moments before taking off.

From the state-of-the-art pre-security area, where boarding passes are scanned in seconds, to the efficiency of the team at the security area itself, you now get to enjoy shorter queues, a faster security screening process, and a few more precious minutes to say goodbye to your loved ones.


Multi-storey car park project

Works on the multi-storey car park project kicked off in late 2018. This building will improve the airport experience for visitors and travellers through the provision of more parking spaces, centralised car rental services, and a convenient link to the terminal building provided by a tunnel and a covered walkway.

Since we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, we shall be investing in photovoltaic system for the car park, which will make the building entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy.


Our recently revamped observation deck is a haven for plane spotters and wide-eyed enthusiasts alike, perfect for nurturing curious minds and fuelling imagination for future pilots and engineers.

With unparalleled views of the bustling runway, it’s a great outdoor space where visitors can sit back and enjoy balmy summer evenings and spectacular runway action against the Maltese skyline.



Time spent waiting in the Departures Hall suddenly seems a lot shorter… and we have retail therapy to thank for that!

Indulge in some last-minute shopping at Saltwater or Parfois, and discover the new make-up and beauty brands available at our revamped Dufry store.

Caring about
every journey

Have you heard about our Journey Facilitation Programme? It was built with one purpose: to address the specific needs of individuals on the spectrum.

Our front-liners are fully trained to deliver this service, and they’re proud to have facilitated 183 journeys in 2018 alone! The introduction of additional services, including fast-track through security, access to designated quiet rooms and help with picking up luggage at Baggage Reclaim, has enabled more
of our passengers to enjoy more meaningful travel experiences.


More connections mean more opportunities. Increasing the number of routes available is important to us as it enhances Malta’s appeal to tourists, provides more travel options to locals and contributes to the growth of the Maltese economy.

Little Delights

Sometimes, you just want one last taste of Malta before flying off. All we want to do is make that happen! Our team regularly heads out into the Departures Hall distributing free treats.

From snacks like pastizzi to sweet treats like artisanal ice cream, both tourists and Maltese travellers get to sample some of the very best local delights.


The airport is the first and last impression for anyone visiting Malta, but an iconic building can only do so much for their airport experience. It’s the people that our passengers interact with that have the responsibility to make that experience memorable, and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

That’s why we make it a priority to keep every member of our team happy and willing to go the extra mile to make your experience a great one.


& happy

We believe in people, not machines. Our growing team is our strongest asset, and we’re constantly introducing measures to keep our team motivated to give a human touch to every airport experience.

If you’re on the lookout for an awesome work environment supported by a wellbeing programme, you could be the next addition to our workforce! Check out our current vacancies here.

The top of
their class

The key to delivering a good service is being confident in your abilities. Having the right knowledge and ongoing training is what builds that confidence, which
is why we’ve supported over 8,000 hours of formal training for our staff in 2018 alone.

Investing in
young talent.

We encourage young, eager minds to inject some inspiration and fresh ideas into the mix every year. The Airport’s Graduate Management Programme has been easing the transition from education to work for fresh graduates who, in turn, contribute to the skill set and experience of the team at the heart of the airport.

Promising candidates are also given the opportunity to pursue a career at Malta International Airport upon successful completion of the year-long programme.



We’re the gateway to an island that sees 300 days of sunshine a year, so we sought to capitalise on that resource.

We’re determined to reduce our airport’s carbon footprint, and every eco-friendly measure we implement constitutes yet another step in the right direction. Our sustainable journey, in turn, contributes to creating a cleaner environment for our guests and people in our community to thrive in.


Between 2016 and 2019, we’ve invested over €1.2 million in photovoltaic panels, enabling the Airport to produce clean energy as the sun shines. While the number of passengers that pass through our doors increases every year, we’re happy to report that the electricity consumed has actually decreased thanks to this investment and smart use of resources.

our heritage

The Malta Airport Foundation is a non-profit organisation, whose aim is to direct funds into the tourism industry by investing in Maltese heritage and the environment.

Its latest projects involve the restoration of Torri Xutu in Wied iż-Żurrieq, the making of the documentary “Comino: A Secret Paradise” (the Foundation’s second underwater awareness project) and the restoration of the Combined Operations Room which was originally built in 1940.


Everyone on our sunny island knows that Malta’s climate and dense population make water a precious and scarce resource. For this reason, saving water is a top environmental goal for Malta International Airport.

We’ve set up water-collection methods that make the most of the Airport’s large footprint by harvesting rainwater, which is then put to good use.
The amounts collected are significant – in 2018, we collected the equivalent of the amount of water consumed by 520 Maltese households every month. By introducing more efficient washrooms and repairing leakages, we’ve also
managed to reduce the amount of water consumed, saving the equivalent of the water consumed by 200 Maltese households every month.